Tax Solutions That Get to the Point
Whether your issue is controlling and improving your processes, accurately calculating taxes, or ensuring that you have complete exemption certificate information, Second Decimal software products provide an integrated suite of tax accuracy and efficiency solutions that get straight to the point of improving productivity and profitability.

Combining Tax Technology and Tax Expertise
Second Decimal is a technology company that transforms corporate tax departments through an innovative approach and design that combines the power of tax expertise and technology. Second Decimal infuses the intellectual capital of the most seasoned tax and technology experts in the industry with a suite of intuitive and powerful software applications that exponentially improve accuracy, productivity, and processes.

The depth of tax expertise gained by working directly with many of the premier Fortune 1000 corporations in North America differentiates Second Decimal from other software firms that often create solutions with no practical tax experience, resulting in products that do not address many of the more systemic and nuanced tax issues. Second Decimal software solutions were designed by tax practitioners, for tax practitioners…and are rooted in the knowledge and experience gained by solving the most complex tax issues for many of the largest and most successful companies in the world.

Second Decimal Software…
Designed by Tax Practitioners for Tax Practitioners
Second Decimal offers a new suite of tax technology products that increase the accuracy, efficiency, and control of your functions. Through an integrated suite of process improvement and compliance applications, Second Decimal addresses the pain points of your tax processes.

With an integrated suite of workflow, tax calculation, and certificate management software products designed and supported by developers with corporate tax advisory experience, Second Decimal applications enable and support a strategic approach to automating your tax processes with accuracy and efficiency. This results in the reduction of time, taxes, manual processes, and cost while improving efficiency, productivity, comprehension, and compliance.